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| Gorilla Safaris Bwindi

| Gorillas in Nkuringo, or Nshongi

| Bwindi & Mgahinga, Nkuringo, or Ishongi

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| Uganda and Rwanda Combined

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| Gorillas Safaris and Tours in Uganda and Congo

| Gorillas Safaris in Rwanda and Congo

| Gorilla Tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo Combined

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| Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda

| Gorilla Safaris in the Virungas of Congo

Gorilla Groups: Bwindi, Mgahinga, Nkuringo, Nshongi, Congo, Rwanda

Gorilla rules and etiquette: Click for information on what to wear, what to carry, and recommended acceptable behaviour while tracking gorillas.

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Our gorilla permits policy

GorillaAt the moment, gorilla permits/tickets are still available, but these are booked with payment on the basis of first come first served. It would therefore be very helpful if THEY could confirm their safari with us as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment. Availability of gorilla permits for a required date is not guaranteed. Permits can be difficult to obtain, because of the high competition for them; even can be sold out at short notice. As this safari includes going gorilla tracking, we would like to stress that confirmation needs to be received from you as soon as possible and payment instructions for gorilla permits should be confirmed at the time of confirmation. Any delay in confirmation and/or payment may mean that we are unable to obtain them and in these circumstances Pinnacle African Safaris would not have any liability.

3. Once you book and send your money for permits, the date cannot change (changing a tracking date means a cancellation fee is charged). Rwanda charges $100 for each permit date changed. Uganda on the other hand does not allow changing/rescheduling the tracking date and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) will only refund 70% of tracking fee if the tracker falls sick prior to tracking. Any other change in tracking dates is treated as a cancellation for which the following terms are applied by UWA.

UWA will retain the following percentages upon cancellation;

0-8 days to tracking date - no refund
9-45 days to tracking date - 75% (25% refund to client)
90 days to tracking date - 50%
91 days and above to tracking date - 25% (75% refund to client)

The above percentages are calculated on the full value of the permit.

4. Regarding your question on how long before you know the date of your trip so you can book air fare, it is advisable that you inform us of the proposed dates of travel so that we check gorilla permits availability. Once we know that permits for the date we want (having finalised the exact type/duration of tour) are available, then we advise our clients of the availability. In lieu of points 2 & 3 above, it is up to the clients to decide which dates they are planning to come in, and then confirm their tour as soon as possible so that permits can then be secured. Gorilla tracking in Rwanda and Uganda requires that travelers firm up their dates latest 4-6 months in advance. This is, as already said, because permits needed at short notice are really difficult to obtain because of the high competition for them.

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