Nyiragongo Volvaco

Nkuringo Gorilla Family that is tracked by tourists in Bwindi South, Nkuringo, Uganda

Nkuringo gorilla family of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park was officially opened for tourism in October 2004 when the Uganda Wildlife Authority begun to officially offer tracking permits. Just like Ishongi, Nkuringo gorilla group was first for researchers, and no tourist was allowed to track it before its official opening. The family has over 18 individuals and is set to add on more with upcoming babies from the pregnant females.

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ChimpanzeeThese are mountain gorillas, staying in high up in the mounatins of Bwindi, up to 4000metres ASL. Therefore to track them one may traverse dense growth in this impenetrable forest, through swamps and wet undergrowth, and climb cliffs and high areas in search of them. Tracking can take as little as one hour up to as many as 8 hours when one returns to base camp. But the tracking is made easy by the rangers who would have known prior to your tracking, where the gorillas are. For environmental reasons, you are allowed a maximum of one hour with the gorillas.